COVID 19, Policies, and Information ⓘ

COVID 19, Policies, and Information

On The Trail Rentals has been successful with following all of the necessary and required protocols concerning COVID 19. As we come into our 2022 summer season, we plan on following the same protocols.

As we enter the 2022 Summer season, our area is still recovering from The East Troublesome Fire that occurred in October of 2020. Please be respectful of the minimal trail closures and please stick to the trail system!


  1. Group sizes are not limited however we ask customers to follow protocols due to COVID 19 such as social distancing.
  2. We are not offering any discounts for the 2022 Summer season.


  1. We collect in full when making reservations. Please be ready with a credit card number for FULL payment.
  2. Walk-ins are excepted however we strongly encourage reservations!
  3. All drivers must now be 25 years or older with a valid driver’s license. Proof will be needed upon arrival.
  4. If you are showing ANY of the well-known symptoms of COVID 19 PLEASE do not come and participate! The cancellation policy below will still be in effect.


  1. Before 72 hours: If you cancel outside of the 72-hour window On The Trail Rentals will refund you all but 15% of your reservation as a cancellation fee.
  2. Within 72 Hours: If you cancel within 72-hours you will forfeit the entire rental and will not receive any type of refund. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS
  3. Cancelling because of COVID or any other reason: We are all aware of the risks with COVID 19. On The Trail Rentals is doing everything we can to stay operating and providing activities to the public. You, just like us, are taking financial risks and may encounter inconvenient changes to your plans. On The Trail Rentals will not be held responsible for these inconveniences. This is not limited to COVID 19, weather, road conditions, travel delays, road closures, family emergencies, sicknesses, lack of transportation, or distance of travel. On The Trail Rentals recommends and encourages all customers to protect their travel investment by purchasing travel insurance from a 3rd party.
  4. If On The Trail Rentals cannot rent or must cancel your trip, you will be refunded in full.
  5. If you cancel your trip, you MUST do so by phone. Cancellation attempts made via email, text, Facebook messenger, voicemail, etc. will not be accepted.


  1. Customers are responsible to bring the following gear and need to understand that On The Trail Rentals does not provide the following items:
    • Goggles (available for purchase)
    • Gloves (available for purchase)
    • Balaclavas (available for purchase)
  2. Helmets are provided with each rental. (Helmets will be sanitized after each use)


  1. Facemasks are recommended but not required at this time.
  2. Facemasks are not provided! Please be prepared and bring your own!
  3. Come ready to ride! We are doing our best to limit the number of people in order to properly social distance.